Why you should book affordable business accommodation for your next corporate trip

Booking the right accommodation for a business trip can be challenging. Whilst companies like Jettly make selecting transport relatively straightforward, selecting accommodation is always a much more challenging task. Whilst many go for a hotel, the serviced apartment industry has started to offer a variety of different business accommodation options that your business could take advantage of. With the high costs and separation associated with hotels, this new business affordable accommodation could be an avenue your business should look towards.

Here we break down some of the reasons why you should book affordable business accommodation for your employee’s next corporate trip.

  • They are good for group travelling parties

When large groups are travelling in hotels it can often lead to the group becoming separated into different rooms. If you are expecting your employees to work collectively, on say a presentation, this can present some challenges. If you book flexible and affordable business accommodation, an open apartment can offer each employee their own space while allowing room for collaboration.

  • They give you more money to budget for better travel conditions

Another benefit of booking affordable business accommodation is you will have more money that can be spent on accommodating your employees when they are travelling. This can greatly reduce issues like fatigue and jet lag which can improve their performance in whatever business capacity they are functioning in.

  • They provide travelling employees with a potentially homely feel

If you are sending your employees out on an extended trip it can lead to them feeling isolated if they are away from home for an extended period; this can be compounded if they have to spend the majority of their time in a small hotel room. If you book some open and affordable business accommodation, not only will they be able to talk and spend time together, they may also get more of a homely feel.

  • You can find several different options available in many countries

Another great benefit of affordable business accommodation is that it is available in many different countries around the world. This gives you a much wider choice and increases the chances of you finding the right accommodation in the area that they are travelling to. This competition also means better quality accommodation for your workers.

  • They give your employees space to relax after a long day

Allotting time for rest and relaxation during business trips is imperative when it comes to ensuring optimum performance during working hours. If you book affordable business accommodation not only will you be saving money you will also be giving your employees a place they can relax and unwind after a busy day.

How to book affordable business accommodation online

In addition to the benefits of affordable business accommodation, it is also easy to book it online. A quick search will return results on a number of different providers in various countries and cities. We recommend getting in contact with the serviced accommodation provider so that you can check the suitability of the apartments and the quality of the provider.