Why Business Travellers Prefer Serviced Apartments

It’s a trend that’s been going on for quite a while now, that being business travellers being more involved in the process of booking their accommodation when out on a business trip. Usually, it’s their company that’s going to foot the bill, but the savviest of these business travellers understand that that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to find a way to force themselves to “savour” all the apparent perks.

One of these apparent “perks” that more and more of these savvy and involved business travellers are foregoing is that of their accommodation. They’re ditching the five-star chain hotel cliché for serviced apartments and there are some interesting reasons for this.


Serviced apartments make for a more flexible means of accommodation, something which is only too welcomed by professionals whose lives are pretty much entirely mapped out for them. When staying in a serviced apartment, they can perhaps take their meals whenever it suits them and wherever it is they choose (if not ordering a delivery), as opposed to a typically specific time for set meals at a hotel. They can even cook if they wanted to, perhaps to maintain full control over catering to special dietary needs.

The flexibility goes way beyond just the meals and permeates pretty much every aspect of the accommodation.

Access to amenities

Hotel life cannot help but be associated with a somewhat cocooned existence, with one conduit of that existence being something like being made to travel around in an expensive shuttle service should you seek to go anywhere. Often the amenities list associated with a hotel are superficial, whereas if you’re staying in a serviced apartment you’re likely much closer to more a more practical reality.

You won’t get overcharged for something like an ironing service, for instance, if it’s a service attained through a serviced apartment lodging.

Feeling of home

While they make no mistake about the fact that they’re essentially on a business deployment, business travellers still want to be able to come home to an environment which resembles home a little more closely. Since their costs are likely being covered by their company, they could very well choose luxury serviced apartments, which, either way, are a little cosier than a sterile chain hotel room.


Even the most diligent of employees on a business deployment, or business persons, want to feel a sense of being in control of their own life. It might be a seemingly significant difference to point out, but the facilities made available as part of a service apartment stay are a lot more accessible than those availed at a hotel. What if you get hungry in the middle of the night, for instance?


Since we’ve established that the deployed employee or business traveller likely has their costs covered by their company, the cost implications significant to them take into account everything else around the immediate costs. It’s a common occurrence for all the products and services in a typically touristy type location that typically houses traditional hotels to be inflated.

No such risks with the environment around a serviced apartment block, house, etc.