What Results When You Drive Without Car Insurance?

Increasing fuel cost, crowded streets, and even insurance scams are the three highly discouraging scenarios that pull back many drivers from getting a car insurance – sometimes it’s just ignorance though. None of this is an accurate move. Did you know that it’s actually illegal in the United Kingdom to even park an uninsured car in a driveway, let alone wafting it on the road? That said, the troubles of not getting a car insurance doesn’t end with just a legal tussle. The ramifications can be far more severe and harsh. But there are still people out there who drive cars without insurance!

Still wondering what could be more troubling than handling a few tickets? Well, you’d be amazed. We have complied some reasons, listed below, why you should buy cheap car insurance UK and not leave your car uninsured.

#1. Financial Burden

We aren’t talking about the premiums that are paid when you purchase a car insurance; instead, we are talking about the hefty fine that you’ll have to pay if your vehicle is seized and found uninsured. The fine mounts up-to 300 £. So, why not buy a cheap car insurance policy instead of paying the fine?

#2. Vehicle Seizing

The police has all the right to seize an uninsured vehicle from the road and even destroy it.

Simultaneously, it’s important that you claim your car within a week and present all necessary documents. If you don’t, your vehicle can be disposed without your consent.

Much worse? How about the fact that not insuring a car will earn you the misfortune of 6 penalty points that can lead to the revoking of your license altogether? Sounds scary enough to purchase a car insurance, doesn’t it?

#3. High Repairing Cost

Any vehicle, no matter how expensive, breaks down in some way or the other. And getting it repaired requires a lot of money. This is where an insurance claim comes to the rescue.

  • It covers the car in case of an accident.
  • It covers the car in case of theft.

Moving on, if you think that the insurance quotations you’re being served with are high and not cheap, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Does your car have security features? If not, the chances that it can be traced upon theft are minimal. Insurance companies will most likely issue expensive policies in such cases. So, install security features to buy cheap car insurance UK These can be cameras or perhaps it’s worth getting some spare keys made by a car locksmith Atlanta area or nearer your location, in case of emergency. You need to shop around to find out what is best for you and your car and to weigh up the risks present where you live.
  • Did you do your homework before buying a policy? Remember, every insurance company will claim that they offer the cheapest policies. It’s up-to you to use a reputable insurance comparison website to get your hands on the cheapest policies with the best returns.

#4. Burden Of Expensive Policies

A car that could have once been insured at cheaper rates will be insured at much higher rates if it is seized by the police when it wasn’t insured. Why? Well, you’ll carry the tag of being a high risk driver. Which is why companies will shy out from offering low premium policies.

Things You Need To Know Even If You Don’t Drive Your Car

It might knock you off balance that you need a car insurance even if you don’t drive your vehicle at all. Just the fact that you own one unearthes the need for insurance. There are laws against not insuring the vehicles even if they have never seen the concrete on the road. If you are unsure about whether your car needs insuring even if it only stays on your driveway, it’s best to seek help from Roger Butler Insurance or a similar insurance company, as they can talk you through what might be best for you.

Forbye, according to the Road Safety Act, the car owner can be put behind the bars if an uninsured vehicle is involved in an accident that leads to death or destruction of public property.

If you don’t take your car out on a trip, the only way that you can skip insuring it is to have a SORN notice to prove that your car is and never have been on the street.

On a parting note, enforcement of buying a car insurance isn’t an unnecessary force of law. It’s as much for your own safety as it is for the safety of others.