Setting up and running a barber shop in UK – What steps do you have to take?

If you take a close look at the high street, you will be able to spot a barber’s shop which specializes in men’s haircutting. Both barber shops and hairdressing salons are now being considered as a vital part of the grooming habits of the Brits and they have remained resilient since the last few years despite the challenging economic background. The 30,423 beauty salons and barber shops in the UK accumulate around 4 billion pounds in a year and unlike any other high-street sectors, the barber industry doesn’t have any such dominant players.

So, if you’re interested in setting up a barber’s shop on the streets of UK, how should you go about the process to end up successfully? Here are few steps that you should take.

  • Have a well-proven business plan

When you wish to set up and run a barber shop and turn it into a huge success, it is vital for you to prepare a business plan. Once you know the importance of having a plan, you can talk to your bank or also look online for the free resources which can assist you in writing a plan.

  • Choose a lucrative location

Before setting up an establishment, you should choose a favorable location for the barber salon. Make a comprehensive research on the locations and take advice on the footfall and profiles of clients. Make sure you have a necessary permission to start a salon in that area.

  • Get the required furniture and equipment

When you depend on your entry route, you have to next design the interiors of your salon. Decide on the basic equipments and furniture that you need. Set a target on the clientele so that you can define a business style which can reflect the interests and needs of the potential customers. With every aspect of setting up a salon, you have to do a lot of research.

  • Get insured

You will need this insurance cover for yourself, for the stock that you have in your salon, for the staff and for the customers. Since you’re working for yourself, time is considered as money. You can choose from a range of insurance policies and include treatment liability coverage, public and employee’s liability cover and business interruption.

  • Choose your staff carefully

Next you have to create a team for your business and it needs no mention that it is extremely tough to choose the right people. Remember that the success of your salon will entirely depend on the staff that you choose. In fact, they are your greatest assets in any organization. You should not only employ the best crew members but also take care of them so that they stay back in your salon. Choose to keep temporary hairdressers who can offer top quality service.

Therefore, as you see, setting up a barber’s shop is not a tough process if you do it systematically. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned above and kickstart your business.