Qualities That Every Temporary Building Structure Should Have

Temporary building structures are essential in protecting people from harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and hot sun. Temporary structures come in many different shapes with varying types of materials and differing amounts of enclosure their sides provide.

Since there are several temporary structures to choose from, here are some aspects that will aid you in making the best decision.

Clear Span Tents

This type of temporary building structure is supposed to be constructed in a way that enables the most efficient utilization of space. By having a structural support system with all of the ‘legs’ around the perimeter, clear span tents fit in this criterion. The space provided by this type of structure allows for free movement since there is no obstruction by pillars situated in the middle.

Customizable Size

Clear span tents are made in a way that accommodates any desirable size.This is achieved by removing the support and rafters. These customizations enable the structure to house large semi-permanent installations or small events. 

Weather Resistance

If you are thinking of building a temporary structure in an area that experiences inclement weather conditions like heavy rainfall, you should consider using a brand that provides waterproof tape and fabric to prevent the rain from penetrating the interior of the structure. You should consider getting services from experts in the field like Smart Space UK to get professional aid and advice on how to build the right temporary building structure for your area. 

Adherence to Standards

Fabrics covering temporary building structures should at least adhere to fire codes to ensure safety when using them. To be entirely sure that the fabric materials used are of excellent standards, you should make sure that it passes your country’s building codes.

Steel Base Plates

Providing additional tension and support on your temporary structure by using straps or ropes may not be your best option. Straps and ropes may accumulate a lot of ground, which results in wastage of space. Ropes and straps also tend to loosen with time. 

An excellent temporary structure should last for a long time. Using steel base plates as your flooring enables the tent to be affixed securely even in places that have soft soil. You should always engineer these configurations carefully to allow proper weight distribution.

Different Fabric Options

Depending on your needs, fabrics for temporary structures are available in avariety of colors. For example, if you need natural light in your structure, then a semi-transparent material is your best choice. Fabric that allows light in is most likely to make the interior of your structure rather hot.

Using blackout materials will block sunlight from penetrating your structure, creating a darker shaded space that will make the interior of your semi-permanent structure cooler. 


Mentioned above are some of the things that a competent provider of temporary building structure should offer you. You should always consider having the best quality whether you are planning to have an event for a short period or you are looking for a structure that will last a longer time.