How It All Began

Hello and welcome to my website! I am so pleased that you decided to stop by and look at what this website offers. Hopefully, you will find this a place of encouragement and guidance, or perhaps we can even advise each other as we travel through the often-tough world of business.

Before we get started though, let me tell you a bit about myself, my purpose and how this all came to be.

How It All Began


My name is Jack Cunningham and I live in the leafy suburbs of a town called Guildford in Surrey, not too far from the capital city I share my home, as well as my heart, with man’s best friend; my adorable chocolate Lab called Bonny. This beautiful girl stole my heart many years ago and she is currently the only relationship that I can dedicate my time to!

I have always been interested in the world of finance from a very young age. When most kids my age were playing football in the playground, I was huddled in a secret corner of the school working on my expanding crisp selling empire! This venture ran successfully for many years under the radar of my headteacher, until one of the kids decided to complain about my annual price increase!

After getting a taste for making profit, I finishing school knowing exactly what I wanted to do – work in the thrilling world of business and finance. Naturally, my next step was to register as a pupil at the prestige London School of Business and Finance. It was here that I learned to develop my enthusiasm and passion and turn it into something worthwhile.

Me againI knew there were hundreds of businesses and employers who didn’t quite have a solid grasp on their financial matters, and I wanted to be the one to change this. Realizing I could offer my newfound business knowledge after qualifying,I immediately began as a Business and Finance Advisor for a profitable financial company. Here was when it all made sense; I was destined to help others.

I now work with individuals and small businesses in all areas by helping them understand financial matters. I also offer them the tools to overcome any difficulties, and we work together to prevent potential problems before they arise. There is nothing better than starting work with a new client, who has been through a tough time and is considering giving up, only to find out that the advice I offer gets them back on track!

Launching a Website for Like Minded Individuals

You may be wondering why start a website? The answer is simple; I want to further share my expertise and help as many people as I possibly can. And a good way to do this would be by finding website developers to design a website. If there is one thing that I’m good at, it is helping others with financial matters. So, I figured who better than me to write about business matters, offer practical solutions, and encourage all business owners?

The idea for this website was formed several years ago. Day in and day out, I witnessed numerous clients who would automatically turn to the internet to diagnose their business dilemmas. The problem was, many of these clients were too embarrassed to approach someone for outside help, feeling they had either failed or just weren’t good enough at running their own business. This often lead to them becoming further frustrated as their internet searches didn’t always yield the desired results.

But, this did get me thinking; businesses want to have extensive and thoroughly written helpful articles at hand to improve their own knowledge; but the internet is so far failing to produce them. This is where I come in, and that is how the website you have clicked on was born…

A Place to Exchange Tips, Advice and Offer Guidance

I am a Financial AdvisorThis is going to be the place to visit if you need any kind of business related help. But, what’s different about my site, is that all the information you read is from the professionals; people who know exactly what they are talking about and who are qualified to give such advice.

Whatever the topic, whatever the size of the problem, this is where you will find the help, guidance and solutions you require. Using my expertise, as well as opening the site for other experts to contribute to, I intend to offer guidance on all topics from investments, stock trading, mortgages, finance, world economy issues and so much more.

What’s more, as much as I can, I will recommend anything that is relevant. From services to books and products tailored to your individual business type, I will actively scour the business and financial markets daily.

Come and join me on this journey, and together we can navigate the world of business side by side.