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The Importance of Building a Powerful Brand

Truth be told, getting into any business these days is almost as easy as just running a search on how to do it, sourcing suppliers if required and putting your offer in front of a targeted audience. There are many exceptions of course, but generally all it takes is a decision and you can find […]
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5 Strategies That Will Help You Strengthen Your Customer Loyalty

No matter what kind of business you’re running, customer loyalty is incredibly important. Just think of it this way – studies have shown that repeat customers tend to spend 67 percent more than new customers. This means that besides trying to attract new people to your business, you also have to make sure you give […]
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How to Make Your Brand Big

When trying to grow your business, it is important to have customers. And you can’t get customers just by approaching them yourself. Customers need to know you exist, so they can come to you instead of you chasing after them. This is why companies resort to advertising. One favourite way to advertise these days is […]
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Alcohol marketing in TV sport breaks spirit of law

Alcohol marketing appeared on screen once every other minute during broadcasts of the European Championships last summer, a new study has found.
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Beware the ever-growing reach of Google

Tech giants are not just in control of much of the information we receive, they are also showing they don’t like dissent
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