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Credits and Loans

Understanding Credits and Loans

Credits and loans play a pivotal role in the financial lives of individuals and businesses. Whether it’s buying a home, funding an education, or expanding a business, they provide access to capital that can make various life goals a reality. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of credits and loans, exploring how they […]
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How To Get Fast Business Loans For Personal Use

A business loan is basically a loan specially meant for business purposes. Like all personal loans, it entails the creation of an asset-whether financial or tangible, that is to be used as collateral. This means that in case you fail to pay the money that you owe, the property used as collateral for the loan […]
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Carney fuels consumer loans spree by banks

A boom in cheap loans provided by the Bank of England is fuelling Britain’s consumer debt bubble, The Sunday Times can reveal.
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Need extra cash? A second-charge mortgage may suit

The number of people taking out a second mortgage on their home to get some extra cash has jumped to the highest level since 2008. New data shows that 93 million in loans was taken out by homeowners in March through second-charge mortgages. A lot of people often ask: can you have more than one […]
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Want to reduce your mortgage? Offset it

Linking a savings account to a home loan may be a wise move if a buy-to-let property is only borderline profitable
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Awash in a sea of easy credit

Kudos to Jayne-Anne Gadhia, the Virgin Money boss. She confessed on Desert Island Discs at the weekend that Donny Osmond was her teenage crush and that for a long time in her career she didn’t know what a securitised loan was. Whatever next — António Horta-Osório, his Showaddywaddy thing and a difficulty with capital ratios?
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