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Why you should book affordable business accommodation for your next corporate trip

Booking the right accommodation for a business trip can be challenging. Whilst many go for a hotel, the serviced apartment industry has started to offer a variety of different business accommodation options that your business could take advantage of. With the high costs and separation associated with hotels, this new business affordable accommodation could be […]
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5 ways to create the best-printed ties for your business

With marketing becoming an increasingly online affair it is paramount that you get your business’s message out there through digital channels. Despite this, it is also important to manifest your brand in a physical sense. This is where printed ties come in. Keep reading to discover some of the key ideas to keep in mind […]
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Setting up and running a barber shop in UK – What steps do you have to take?

If you take a close look at the high street, you will be able to spot a barber’s shop which specializes in men’s haircutting. Both barber shops and hairdressing salons are now being considered as a vital part of the grooming habits of the Brits and they have remained resilient since the last few years […]
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3 Killer Pro Storage Tips for Small Businesses

Where you choose to store items or documents can have a huge impact on both efficiency and profits. Through careful consideration (either as a start-up or when you recognise the need for change) business can be both streamlined and frugal with expenses.
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Lib Dems steal march on rivals to win over smaller companies

As last week’s curious ITV leaders’ debate played out in Salford without Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, an alternative event in central London at least came a little closer to offering the full complement of the big parties.
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