6 Marketing Tips for New Businesses

When starting a new business, your focus will most likely be on product quality rather than marketing. To get the sales rolling, though, it’s going to take a little push on the marketing side. So, whether you’re making hilarious t-shirts or you’re providing the best tech service out there, here are six marketing tips to get the word of your business out into the world.  

1. Use Social Media 

Social media is a cheap, easy, and undeniably effective way of reaching your target audience. With access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any more, you can create profiles representing your company any way you see fit. 

Your online presence can bring many new customers to your business, so learn how to use it to make the most impact. 

2. Write a Blog 

Writing content on your business’s website will help you rank higher in search engines, meaning more people are likely to find you. You should first figure out the best keywords that match your business and what your customers are likely to Google and place them into the content. 

It’s a sensible idea to outsource content, especially if you haven’t written much before and know little about SEO. SEO Birmingham will provide you with content to drive more customers to your site. 

3. Check Out the Competition 

Knowing the competition well gives you an edge, so make sure you research them as much as possible. Knowing what they’re selling, who the customers are, and what sort of deals they offer will help you know what you are up against, so you can aim to be better. 

If it’s your first business, it’ll also give you an idea of how to present yourself and what kind of products your target audience is interested in. 

4. Know Your Intro 

As a business owner, you should find any opportunity to market yourself. This includes events, meetings, and even the school playground full of parents! Since you never know when you’ll need to market your business, it’s a good idea to have an intro memorised.  

Your goal is to make the intro as natural as possible while making the listener think of your business in a positive light. You want to avoid being overly-sales based, as this will put people off, especially if you’re not at a networking event!

5. Know Who You’re Aiming At 

The best marketing comes when you know exactly who your audience is. Don’t just guess – use analytics to figure out what kind of people routinely click on your website and purchase from you. For instance, if you are running a dealership business, check your sales insights to see how your advertising strategy is working out. If it isn’t giving enough conversion, consider consulting an automotive advertising agency like Dealer.com that can reach the right customers at the right time. It can also help you with future marketing strategies, increasing their effectiveness and reaching the right people.

6. Offer Discounts to Newcomers

Customers need incentives when buying from somewhere new; otherwise, they’re likely to stick to the companies they know. Offer great discounts for new customers, and you’ll find that your sales greatly increase. If you provide them with great service, they will likely come back for more and tell their friends about you. 

Jump on marketing as early as possible to boost your sales. Your marketing skills will develop over time, resulting in more customers finding and using your business.