6 Different Types Of Flooring Material And Their Uses

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One of the most important decisions while furnishing your house is to look for the right flooring material because floor plays a vital role in showcasing your house to the outside world. The wallpaper, furniture and paintings depend entirely on the floor because obviously nobody wants their house to look like a complete wreck! Therefore, we have gathered some information regarding floor material and its uses:

  1. Laminate Flooring

If you prefer something that requires simple cleaning and looks splendor at the same time, then the low maintenance laminate flooring is the best option. It doesn’t really retain stains for longer and the shine never goes away because it has a very special quality allowing it to never get affected by moisture which usually is a problem for every other flooring material! All you have to do is grab a broom and sweep away all the dust from its surface and finish off with mopping.

  1. Cork Flooring

This flooring material is recommended by a ton of people and here is the reason why; it makes your house soundproof because by keeping it insulated which doesn’t allow the sound to penetrate through walls, it is the best material for keeping insects out of the house since it’s anti-allergenic and most importantly this material is the finest quality material because of its originality. Cork is made from the bark of a tree when it is peeled off making it outstandingly natural and livable.

  1. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring comes in handy near places like stoves, bathrooms, fireplace, pool and furnaces because it provides resistance against stains and grease. People usually prefer ceramic floor tiles to make their house look sparkly and neat whereas porcelain, quarry and mosaic tiles are used for their uniqueness in the sense of intricate designs.

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  1. Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is one of the most eccentric ways to design your interior and only a few people choose it over other materials. Limestone, onyx, pebble, granite, slate, sandstone and travertine are generally used in houses because they are tough against high temperatures and dents. They are best suitable to places near stove, fireplaces and furnace.

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  1. Wood Flooring

Wood is an extremely special and aesthetic product that is manufactured from timber and then designed in various ways to use as Wood flooring. You could pick the right one for your house décor from wholesale timber suppliers like Sawmill Direct or other similar distributors. You can find wood flooring in different colors, styles, species, and cuts. The most common form of wood flooring used by people is Bamboo Flooring which is directly cut from Bamboo, unlike other floorings that are made up of timber. Another extremely common kind of flooring material is hardwood, which is in fact made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. They are really solid for structural purposes and give your house an elegant, chic look. Hardwood floor installation Chicago (or nearby) can help you get started if you decide on this particular option.

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  1. Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring from a company such as can be found at this site https://www.truehardwoods.com/product-category/vinyl-flooring/, offers an elegant and opulent look which is also durable and does not get affected by scratches and impacts. Different styles, colors and patterns can help you make the right decision for your interior design since they have successfully upgraded their manufacturing processes. This flooring is one of the easiest to invest in.

Read through the guide thoroughly one more time to ensure that you find and pick out the right flooring for your house interior. Spend money but spend it wisely!