5 ways to create the best-printed ties for your business

With marketing becoming an increasingly online affair it is paramount that you get your business’s message out there through digital channels. Despite this, it is also important to manifest your brand in a physical sense. This is where printed ties come in. Keep reading to discover some of the key ideas to keep in mind when designing and creating your printed ties for your company.

  • Be considerate where you place your printed logo

The location of the logo on your printed tie is naturally very important; however, you have to be careful where the position is. We recommend either keeping It further up the tie or towards the base on the right. Equally, you can go for an all-over print of your logo on the printed tie if you think it would work best.

  • Work out which colours you want to use on your tie

When you’ve had a look at where the logo is going to sit on your tie the next step is working out the colour scheme. Try to match these to the branding of your business. Additionally, different patterns work well with different colour schemes.

For striped printed ties we recommend going with contrasting colours to try and make the design stand out. If you are unsure about what colours work well together, have a look at the colour wheel to better understand the different relationships.

  • Be cautious of how your printed tie looks on shirts

It is worth stating that your beautiful new printed tie will not exist in isolation; it will be worn with other items. With that in mind, try to make your printed corporate tie as versatile as possible. This will increase the chance of it being worn over and over again., helping to increase your brand awareness.

  • Keep the branding in mind

Selecting the right colours, logo and pattern for your tie will all be null and void if you do not align the design with your corporate branding. Consult with your design team to make sure the colours match in terms of the Hex codes and keep the font consistent across your branding.

  • Go through a manufacturer with a proven track record

Remember that not all tie manufacturers are created equally. Before you place an order make sure you look at online reviews and get in touch to get an estimated quote to ensure you are getting a good deal.