4 Ways to Keep People Using Your Branded Bags

Most businessowners already understand the importance of providing branded bags for their customers – they create a better impression of your business, and they’ll advertise to your customers and anyone who sees the bag for weeks or even months to come. But here’s the thing: if people only use the bag once or twice, you’re not getting much value from it.

With that in mind, consider these four ways to keep people using your branded bags before you make your next order.

  1. Adopt a Custom Design

Plenty of businesses choose a generic design for their branded bags – there are scores of websites that let you choose from a list of pre-made designs. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to make your bags stand out. If your design isn’t eye-catching and unique, why should people continue to carry your bags around?

  1. Choose a Durable Material

Even the coolest of bags isn’t going to be used for long if it doesn’t feel very durable. Customers will be less likely to keep something they can’t depend on, and they’re certainly not going to keep using a bag after it has started coming apart. Choosing a strong material can make all the difference.

  1. Choose a Cool Material

Durability isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re picking a material for your branded bags. People tend to keep using bags made from a more interesting material that common plastics. Try cotton, jute, or canvas if you want people to keep carrying yours around.

  1. Keep Changing Up

Finally, consider changing things up every couple of months. You can subtly change the design of your bags as the seasons change to keep things fresh, present a new message, and make people more likely to keep using them. After all, nothing make something feel more valuable than limiting the supply.