4 Tips to Reduce Small-Business Costs

Managing small-business finances is hard work and you need to make every penny count. Running a business is expensive, but there are endless ways to slash your expenses. Here are four tips to reduce your small-business costs today.

1. Save money on utilities

If you are renting a commercial property, then paying for utilities is an expense that you cannot avoid. That said, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower your utility costs. Finding a cheaper energy supplier is the easiest way to cut your monthly utility bills. Switching to a new provider is quick, easy and could reduce your business energy costs by up to 45% according to amvia.co.uk. It might be worth speaking to your current energy provider to see if they will offer you a price match before you switch. If you are on a meter, then try to be conservative with your energy usage. Encourage employees to switch lights and appliances off when not in use and to put electronics in the most economical setting, for example. Becoming more energy-efficient is better for the environment and could save you massive amounts of money in the long run.

2. Outsource business activities

Outsourcing is a simple way for small businesses to save time and money. There are dozens of mundane business activities that you can outsource such as admin, data entry and invoicing. Outsourcing these repetitive tasks will allow your staff to focus their time and effort on the most profitable business activities. You should also consider outsourcing essential tasks such as recruitment and marketing. For instance, you can partner with an industrial recruitment agency and utilise their skills and expertise to source new talent for your team. And, when it comes to marketing, you might not have enough resources or creative flow to ideate your contact. Then, in that case, outsourcing the marketing work to reputed professionals like iTonic could be a prudent option. Having certain tasks handled by specialists might improve efficiency and help gain profits for your small business.

3. Cut down your office space

Reducing your office space will instantly lower your business costs as you will pay less money for rent and utilities. If your company can have remote workers, then allow some of your team to work from home either full- or part time. Along with the cost-saving benefits, studies have found that remote workers are happier and more engaged in their work tasks when they are offered a flexible working arrangement. Many modern businesses are recognising the benefits of remote working and allowing their teams to work from home.

4. Market your business online

Digital marketing strategies generally have lower costs when compared to traditional marketing tactics. Online marketing is also considering to be more effective as it reaches a wider audience and increases brand exposure. Take advantage of budget-friendly online marketing strategies including email and social media marketing. Monitor your marketing campaigns closely and invest in the areas that yield the highest returns.


There are always costs involved with running a small business, but you can easily cut your monthly expenses. Finding ways to lower your outgoings will boost your profit margins and give you more capital to invest in growing your company. Try some of the above ideas to reduce your small-business costs and increase profitability.