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Since beginning this website, I have been overwhelmed at not only the support I have received, but also the interest people have taken. The website is growing rapidly, attracting over 10,500 visitors per month! I have therefore concluded that it would be practical to create a dedicated area for individuals to contribute towards. By offering a range of guest blog posts, I can ensure that all visitors to this website get everything they want and need from a business and financial site. If you would like to contribute to my blog, and get your article out there to help as many like-minded people as yourself, please read on for further information.

What I’m Looking For

I’m not on the lookout for highly successful authors, or established writers. That is not the requirement for writing on my blog! If you just happen to be one, well that is great. But I happen to know that many of us finance and business experts don’t usually qualify as skilled writers as well. We do, however, have a vast amount of expertise that we can impart to others. I therefore don’t believe in placing any restrictions on those who can submit a blog post to me. If you have knowledge of your subject and can offer up a good piece for discussion, that is what matters more to me, rather than perfect grammar!

Ultimately, it is your expertise that I am more interested in. If your message is a great fit for what I’m trying to achieve on this website, then get in touch. You never know, your advice could be exactly what a reader has been searching the internet for some time now!

Categories of the topics I am looking for guest posts about:

  • Banking System
  • Business News
  • Corporations
  • Small Business
  • Credits and Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Making Money Online
  • Marketing
  • Stock Trading
  • World Economy

Examples of Articles My Readers Would Like to See

The above is not an exhaustive list and I would be more than happy to accommodate other article ideas, if their subject matter would benefit my readers. If you feel that you have an idea that is not mentioned, but which you know would offer business or finance assistance to those who read it, then get in touch with me to discuss it further. I will personally consider all ideas.

Here are just a few examples of articles visitors to this website would like to see:

  • Are self-employed people truly safe from May’s intended tax rises?
  • Can we really predict how Brexit will affect UK business?
  • What the DUP merger with Conservatives equals for the Irish Economy.
  • What UK businesses need to be looking for in the next budget.
  • What can America teach us about commerce?

Who are You Writing For?

My audience are an educated group and professionals in the world of business and finance. They want to read quality information that will give them the guidance they are looking for. I have a wide audience ranging from entrepreneurs, the self-employed and partnerships to limited companies and CEO’s. Regardless of their status, they all visit this website for the same reason; clear and concise information. Visitors to this website are not looking for complicated terminology or exaggerated figures. They want to read about the subjects that matter and need to have straight forward, no-nonsense writing.  Anything you or I can offer in the of way of experience, to make their working life that little bit easier, is precisely what I’m looking for.

Acknowledging the Author

I refuse to take the credit for somebody else’s hard-earned work; so, when you submit a guest blog post to my website, your name will be the one visitors will see next to it – not mine!

I like to think that we can all help each other. When you write a piece for this website, you effectively offer your help and support to every visitor who comes here for business and financial help. In turn, I believe it is only fair that, as a way of saying thank you, I dedicate a short biography about you as a means of showcasing your own skills, service and speciality.

If, like myself, you have a vast amount of expertise that you know will help others, but you haven’t yet felt confident enough to write about it before, then this could be the ideal place to begin. Write for my website and I can assure you of immediate confidence with an audience that is hungry for your knowledge.

How to Submit a Blog Post

This is the part of the process which I have tried to make as simple and straight forward as possible. To save time, before you submit a guest post to my blog, I thoroughly recommend contacting me with your intended idea or discussion beforehand. This way, I can get an idea of where your proposal would fit on the website. There are two ways you can do this. Firstly, you can email me directly at, or alternatively you can fill in the quick contact form below.

Both ways of communication will reach me directly, and I will offer you a quick response time.Remember, I am just as keen as you to promote a great piece of advice! Once we’ve discussed the suitability, I will be in touch with you directly on how the post needs to be promoted from there on. Do not worry if you’ve never done this before, I will be on hand to take care of all the technical stuff; all you need to do is write your article!

A Word of Advice from One Professional to Another

I believe knowledge is power, and you can never have enough knowledge in this demanding market. Making the world of business more transparent and accessible is my intention, and I would love you to join me on this mission.Write and publish your post here and work with me to eradicate and rectify the barrage of incorrect information that currently pervades the internet.

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