How Virtual Reception Services Can Help a Clinic

If any business can benefit from virtual reception services, it is a clinic. The receptionist is always operating at full speed, with patients phoning in to make appointments, and this does not require a great deal of medical knowledge and is something a professional virtual receptionist could easily handle. You might be wondering how the system works, which is perfectly natural, and it involves enlisting the help of a virtual receptionist provider, and all incoming calls that cannot be answered by the regular receptionist will automatically be transferred to the provider’s premises, where a qualified receptionist will handle the call.

Loss of Business 

If a person wishes to make an appointment with a local clinic, they would likely enlist the help of an online search engine, and with the right keywords, a list of clinics would appear, and should a call not be answered for more than a few seconds, the caller will simply move on to the next clinic on the list, making a mental note to avoid that one in the future. One of the selling points for a virtual receptionist service is that every call is answered within 5 seconds, and it is this that guarantees your clinic will never lose clients due to an unanswered call. If you would like to enquire about the cost of virtual reception by Reception HQ, a global provider that offers localised receptionists in the US.

Online Appointment Calendars 

You might be wondering how two different receptionists in two different locations could accept bookings without making an error, and with a cloud based appointment system, all appointments are instantly updated, so both the resident receptionist and the virtual one are on the same page. Your own receptionist can access the calendar from her smartphone and would be the prime call handler, and when things get busy, the virtual receptionist takes the strain, ensuring that all calls are professionally handled. If you would like some further reading on best telephone answering techniques, there is an informative article that covers every aspect of telephone protocol in a business environment.

Short Term Cover

The clinic’s receptionist is a key player, and understandably, she needs her annual downtime in order to recharge her batteries, and with a virtual receptionist standing in, your business will not suffer and your key staff get to have that much needed time off. Illness can affect us all at any time, and with a minute’s notice the virtual receptionist can step up to the plate and handle all enquiries in a very professional manner.

Flexible and Affordable 

The virtual reception service provider would offer a range of affordable packages that include message taking, call handling and transfers, and with an overflow package, you don’t start to pay until you use the service, which might only be occasionally. It is very easy to configure, and most importantly, as far as your patients are concerned, the call is being answered by someone in the clinic’s reception area.

If your clinic is a busy place and you want to ensure that all calls are promptly and professionally handled, an online search will put you in touch with the right virtual reception service provider, and from then on, you will never lose a client again.

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