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11% of Northern Ireland’s population contribute over £5,000 per month towards their pension

Which parts of the UK are making a conscious effort to prepare for later life? Take a read through the infographic below and uncover how well the UK population is currently saving towards their private pension pots. Please follow and like us:
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Trying To Stay On Budget? Start By Brushing Up On Basics

At some point in your life, you’re going to decide unconditionally that you need to stay on a budget. However, if you already haven’t been doing this as an adult, it can seem very overwhelming. That’s why there are some basic steps and ideas that you can brush up on first. Please follow and like […]
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Is the UK focused on reaching their dream retirement plans?

Findings outlined within the graphic (below), from True Potential Investor, reveal that a total of 5% of men and women were able to add over £5,000 per month to their private pension pots in Q3 2016. Each UK person added an average of £325 to their private pension each month, according to the financial and technology […]
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Finance and leasing deals rise despite car sales fall

Despite a fall in sale volumes, the value of advances made by financing and leasing companies on cars was up 3 per cent in July at £1.21 billion and 1 per cent for the three months to July at £4.11 billion, an industry organisation reports. Please follow and like us:
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How to escape financial abuse

My daughter was the victim of domestic violence some years ago. Her former partner received a suspended sentence in 2010 after threatening to kill her. Please follow and like us:
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