4 Reasons to Use a Third-Party Password Manager Instead of Your Browser’s

Password managers are a great way to keep track of all your login credentials; in fact, you won’t even have to take care of it yourself. Instead your password manager will store your credentials and apply them whenever you navigate to an account. Basic password managers are included with all major web browsers, but there are several reasons why business users should rely on a third-party manager instead, and here are just four.

  1. Provides Universal Access

A browser-based password manager doesn’t work across multiple platforms or devices. If you’re visiting another office or using a secondary computer, you won’t have all your credentials stored, and that can be extremely inconvenient. A third-party password manager is different because it isn’t built into the browser. You’ll be able to log on to your account and use the manager across various browsers, platforms, and devices.

  1. Enforces Strong Password Behaviour

A browser-based password manager will generally go along with whatever password you choose. In contrast, a third-party manager will usually come up with passwords for you, and those passwords will be the most random collection of numbers, letters, and symbols possible to ensure they are very hard to crack. You’ll also be able to change all passwords at will or have them changed automatically at set intervals. Such behaviour is vital for strong cyber security.

  1. Facilitates Collaboration

Third-party managers are built around business, and that means they usually include additional features beyond password protection and generation. For example, most will provide the ability to share certain passwords between teams. This allows for more productive collaboration since teams can be granted access to certain files and applications when they need them.

  1. Encrypts Your Information

To be truly secure, your data needs to be encrypted, and most browser-based managers store your data in an unencrypted form. If people access the password files on your computer, they’ll be able to see exactly what passwords you’ve been using. Third-party managers should always encrypt data, so you’ll enjoy superior peace of mind, especially if you ever share your device or leave it unattended.

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