3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Not Going Away

Image by MasterTux via pixabay

We all know what currency is, indeed, all of us have some of our net worth in dollars and cents and with the ongoing development of digital technology, we have now crossed the divide and people are now using Bitcoin to pay for things. Does a Bitcoin exist? Yes, in digital form and each Bitcoin cannot be replicated, only transferred from one owner to another, and what’s more, you can trade Bitcoin online and there are no third parties involved in the transaction.

  1. Limited Currency – There is a limited number of Bitcoins, some of which are in existence, while others have yet to be found, which introduces the concept of Bitcoin mining. If you have visions of donning a hard hat and wielding a pick axe, it is mining of a digital kind. There is a finite number of possible Bitcoins and in order to unearth one, you need a bank of quad core computers that are carrying out mathematical equations 24/7. Like traditional mining, if you happen to come across an unmined bitcoin combination, then the coin will be registered, and the founder will receive a reward.
  1. Globally Accepted – Since its arrival in 2009, Bitcoin has enjoyed tremendous growth. If you purchased a Bitcoin in 2010, you would have paid a few tens of dollars, yet the current value of a Bitcoin is a tad over $8,000. More and more people are turning to Bitcoin for a number of reasons, not least the fact that you can trade Bitcoin freely on the Internet and there is no bank middleman. If you want to invest in bitcoin, anyone can easily buy bitcoin at Bitcoin Dealers and similar traders. For those who are sceptical about turning their wealth into ones and zeros, there are reputable Australian companies who will sell you Bitcoin and offer advice when needed.
  1. Market Leader – Every innovation is led by one organisation and Bitcoin happens to be at the very forefront of crypto currency. As an investment opportunity, Bitcoin is far safer than any traditional currency – the US$ is always volatile – and as more and more people invest into Bitcoin, its value is sure to increase. There are many dollar billionaires thanks to an early Bitcoin investment, and like every innovation, if you get in early, there are big profits to be made.

Anyone who is seriously thinking about investing in Bitcoin should set aside a day or two and spend time online, learning about crypto-currency and more specifically, Bitcoin. You might be the adventurous type and with a small investment, you could start Bitcoin mining, which can be very profitable.

If you have some money stashed away for a rainy day, perhaps it would work better for you to trade it for Bitcoin, where really high returns are a reality. The best time to start is now and after a few hours of online browsing, contact a reputable Bitcoin dealer and you are set to go. Like it or not, Bitcoin is the future and the sooner you invest in the system, the higher your returns will be.

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